Korean Name Romanizer Overview
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    Korean Name Romanizer Overview

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    We are preparing a localization service for the content. We will do our best to provide the localization service as soon as possible.

    Korean Name Romanizer romanizes Korean names written in Hangul. Along with romanized names based on the current Romanization, it also suggests those commonly used.

    Common information

    You can get a Client ID by registering your application in NAVER Cloud Platform Console.

    1. Go to AI·NAVER API > AI·NAVER API > Application in your web console and register an application. Learn how to register >

    2. Check your Client ID and Client Secret by selecting the application registered in AI·NAVER API > AI·NAVER API > Application.

    3. Click [Edit] of the application to make sure that Korean Name Romanizer is selected. If it is not selected, a 429 error (Quota Exceed) occurs.


    MethodAuthenticationRequest URLOutput format

    Request Header

    X-NCP-APIGW-API-KEY-IDClient ID issued when registering an app
    X-NCP-APIGW-API-KEYClient Secret issued when registering an app
    X-NCP-APIGW-API-KEY:{Client Secret}

    Error Codes

      "error": {
        "errorCode": "300",
        "message": "Not Found Exception"

    Common errors

    HTTP status codeError codeError messageDescription
    400100Bad Request ExceptionRequest error in protocol (https) or encoding (UTF-8).
    401200Authentication FailedAuthentication failed.
    401210Permission DeniedAuthentication failed.
    404300Not Found ExceptionAuthentication failed.
    429400Quota ExceededQuota exceeded.
    429410Throttle LimitedRate exceeded.
    429420Rate LimitedRate exceeded.
    413430Request Entity Too LargeContent-length exceeded (10 MB).
    503500Endpoint ErrorEnd point connection error
    504510Endpoint TimeoutEnd point connection timeout
    500900Unexpected ErrorUnexpected error

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