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    Article Summary

    Available in VPC


    It searches for a server instance (VM) list.


    Request Parameters

    Parameter nameRequirement statusTypeRestrictionsDescription
    regionCodeNoString- Region code
    It can determine the Region for which the server instance list is to be viewed
    regionCode can be acquired through getRegionList action
    Default : Choose the first region shown through getRegionList
    vpcNoNoString- VPC number
    You can search by filtering with a VPC number
    vpcNo can be obtained through the getVpcList action
    serverInstanceNoList.NNoList<String>- List of server instance numbers
    You can search by filtering with a server instance number.
    serverInstanceNo can be acquired through getServerInstanceList action
    ex) serverInstanceNoList.1=1234&serverInstanceNoList.2=2345
    serverNameNoString- Server name
    Query can be filtered by server name.
    serverInstanceStatusCodeNoStringServer instance status code
    Query can be filtered with a server instance status traffic log available
    Options : INIT | CREAT | RUN | NSTOP
    baseBlockStorageDiskTypeCodeNoString- Type code of default block storage disk
    Filters query by setting base block storage size of server instance
    Options : NET (NETWORK DISK)
    baseBlockStorageDiskDetailTypeCodeNoString- Detailed type code of the default block storage disk
    You can search by filtering by setting detailed base block storage type of server instance
    Options : HDD | SSD
    ipNoString- IP Address
    Filters query with a server instance IP address
    Both private IP and public IP are subject to filtering.
    placementGroupNoList.NNoList<String>- List of the physical placement group numbers
    Filters query by the number of physical placement group to which a server instance belongs
    placementGroupNo can be obtained via the getPlacementGroupList action
    ex) placementGroupNoList.1=1234&placementGroupNoList.2=2345
    hypervisorTypeCodeList.NNoList<String>- List of hypervisor type codes
    Filters query by hypervisor type
    Options : XEN | KVM
    ex) hypervisorTypeCodeList.1=KVM&hypervisorTypeCodeList.2=XEN
    pageNoNoInteger- Page number of paged result
    The results can be paged using pageNo and pageSize
    pageSizeConditionalInteger- Size of each page to be shown during paging
    The results can be paged using pageNo and pageSize
    Must be entered when entering pageNo
    sortedByNoString- Items subject to sorting
    The results can be sorted by server name and server instance number
    Options : serverName | serverInstanceNo
    sortingOrderNoString- Sorting order
    When using sortedBy, set for sort in ascending/descending order
    Options : ASC (ascending order) | DESC (descending order)
    Default : ASC
    responseFormatTypeNoString- Format type of responses
    Options : xml | json
    Default : xml


    Response bodies


    Request Examples

    GET {API_URL}/getServerInstanceList

    Response examples

            <codeName>Linux 64 Bit</codeName>
            <codeName>Server run state</codeName>
            <codeName>Server NULL OP</codeName>
            <codeName>Network Storage</codeName>

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