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The latest service changes have not yet been reflected in this content. We will update the content as soon as possible. Please refer to the Korean version for information on the latest updates.

It is available for use in a VPC environment.


Send Cloud DB for MySQL database server log files to Object Storage.


Request parameters

Parameter name Requirement status Type Restrictions Explanation
regionCode No String Region code
You can obtain the regionCode through the getRegionList action.
Default: Select the first region of the getRegionList search results
logType Yes String Database server log file type
fileName Yes String Database server log file name
You can obtain the fileName through the getDbServerLogList action.
bucketName Yes String Object Storage bucket name
You can obtain the bucketName through the ListBuckets action.
cloudMysqlServerInstanceNo Yes String Cloud DB for MySQL server instance number
You can obtain the cloudMysqlServerInstanceNo through the getCloudMysqlInstanceList action.
responseFormatType No String Format type of the response results
Options : xml | json
Default : xml


Request example

GET {API_URL}/exportDbServerLogToObjectStorage

Response example


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