AiTEMS summary
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    AiTEMS summary

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    Article Summary

    AiTEMS provides an API through NAVER Cloud Platform's API Gateway.
    An access key and secret key are required to authenticate the API.
    For how to create and use the API key, please refer to API Gateway Guide - Make API request.
    For the access key and secret key, please refer to Common guide - API summary.

    AiTEMS is providing various APIs and you can check the API's specifications and perform a simple test through Swagger page. You can access the AiTEMS's Swagger document as follows.

    1. Connect to console
    2. Select Services > API Gateway service
    3. Select Published APIs > AiTEMS > Catalog
    4. Select the AiTEMS, then the API manual below
      The screen you'll see is the AiTEMS's Swagger page, and the link at the top of the page,, is the AiTEMS's API address.

    Common settings


    Request header

    Header nameDescription
    x-ncp-apigw-timestampIt indicates the time elapsed since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC in milliseconds, and if the time difference compared to the API Gateway server is more than 5 minutes, then the request is considered invalid
    x-ncp-iam-access-keyValue of Access Key ID issued on NAVER Cloud Platform portal
    x-ncp-iam-access-key:{Sub Account Access Key}
    x-ncp-apigw-signature-v2Signature encrypted with the Access Key ID value and Secret Key
    x-ncp-apigw-signature-v2:{API Gateway Signature}
    Content-TypeSpecifies the request body content type as application/json
    Content-Type: application/json

    Service creation example

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