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    Available in VPC

    This is a NAS volume instance.


    The syntax is as follows.

    private String nasVolumeInstanceNo;
    private CommonCode nasVolumeInstanceStatus;
    private CommonCode nasVolumeInstanceOperation;
    private String nasVolumeInstanceStatusName;
    private Date createDate;
    private String nasVolumeDescription;
    private String mountInformation;
    private CommonCode volumeAllotmentProtocolType;
    private String volumeName;
    private Long volumeTotalSize;
    private Long volumeSize;
    private Float snapshotVolumeConfigurationRatio;
    private CommonCode snapshotVolumeConfigPeriodType;
    private CommonCode snapshotVolumeConfigDayOfWeekType;
    private Integer snapshotVolumeConfigTime;
    private Long snapshotVolumeSize;
    private Boolean isSnapshotConfiguration;
    private Boolean isEventConfiguration;
    private String regionCode;
    private String zoneCode;
    private ServerInstanceNoList nasVolumeServerInstanceNoList;
    private Boolean isEncryptedVolume;
    private List<NasVolumeInstanceCustomIp> nasVolumeInstanceCustomIpList;
    private Boolean isReturnProtection;


    The following describes the fields.

    nasVolumeInstanceNoStringRequiredNAS volume instance number
    • NAVER Cloud Platform's identifier to identify NAS volume instances
    nasVolumeInstanceStatusCommonCodeRequiredNAS volume instance status
      • CREAT: created
      • TERMT: terminated
    nasVolumeInstanceOperationCommonCodeRequiredNAS volume instance operation status
    nasVolumeInstanceStatusNameStringOptionalNAS volume instance status name
    • Pass the current NAS volume status name by combining the NAS volume instance status with the NAS volume instance operation status
    createDateDateRequiredCreation date and time (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ)
    nasVolumeDescriptionStringOptionalNAS volume description
    mountInformationStringRequiredNAS volume mount information
    volumeAllotmentProtocolTypeCommonCodeRequiredVolume allocation protocol type
    • NFS | CIFS
      • NFS: It can be mounted on Linux servers such as CentOS and Ubuntu
      • CIFS: It can be mounted on Windows Servers
    volumeNameStringRequiredVolume name
    volumeTotalSizeLongRequiredTotal volume size
    volumeSizeLongRequiredVolume size
    snapshotVolumeConfigurationRatioFloatRequiredSnapshot volume configuration ratio
    • The value is set if isSnapshotConfiguration is set to true
    snapshotVolumeConfigPeriodTypeCommonCodeOptionalSnapshot volume configuration period type
    • DAY | WEEK
      • DAY: daily
      • WEEK: weekly
    snapshotVolumeConfigDayOfWeekTypeCommonCodeOptionalDays of the week that snapshots are automatically created
    • -1 | 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
      • -1: daily
      • 0: Sunday
      • 1: Monday
      • 2: Tuesday
      • 3: Wednesday
      • 4: Thursday
      • 5: Friday
      • 6: Saturday
    snapshotVolumeConfigTimeIntegerOptionalSnapshot volume configuration time
    • 0 - 23 (hour)
    snapshotVolumeSizeLongRequiredSnapshot volume size
    isSnapshotConfigurationBooleanRequiredSnapshot configuration status
    • true | false
    isEventConfigurationBooleanRequiredEvent configuration status
    • true | false
    regionCodeStringRequiredRegion code
    zoneCodeStringRequiredZone code
    nasVolumeServerInstanceNoListServerInstanceNoListRequiredNAS volume server instance number list
    isEncryptedVolumeBooleanRequiredVolume encryption status
    • true | false
    nasVolumeInstanceCustomIpListList<NasVolumeInstanceCustomIp>OptionalNAS volume custom IP list
    isReturnProtectionBooleanRequiredTermination protection status
    • true | false

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