Papago Text Translation overview
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    Papago Text Translation overview

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    Papago is a neural machine translation (NMT) service based on an artificial neural network and technology developed in-house by NAVER, providing natural, context-sensitive translations.

    Common settings

    Client IDs are issued by registering the application in the NAVER Cloud Platform console.

    1. Register the application at AI Service > Papago Translation > APIs.

    2. Select the registered application from AI Service > Papago Translation > APIs, and check the client ID and client secret value.

    3. Ensure that Papago Text Translation is selected from AI Service > Papago Translation > APIs > Edit. Note that error 429 (Quota Exceeded) will occur unless Papago Language Detection is selected.


    APIMethodRequest URLOutput format
    Text translation APIPOST

    Request headers

    X-NCP-APIGW-API-KEY-IDClient ID issued when registering the app
    X-NCP-APIGW-API-KEYClient secret issued when registering the app
    X-NCP-APIGW-API-KEY:{Client Secret}


      "error": {
        "errorCode": "300",
        "message": "Not Found Exception"

    Common errors

    400100Bad Request ExceptionRequest error such as protocol (https) or encoding (UTF-8)
    401200Authentication FailedAuthentication failed
    401210Permission DeniedNo permission
    404300Not Found ExceptionNo permission
    429400Quota ExceededQuota exceeded
    429410Throttle LimitedRate exceeded
    429420Rate LimitedRate exceeded
    413430Request Entity Too Largecontent-length exceeded (10 MB)
    503500Endpoint ErrorEndpoint connection error
    504510Endpoint TimeoutEndpoint connection time limit exceeded
    500900Unexpected ErrorError without exception handling

    API errors

    400N2MT01source parameter is neededThe source parameter is required.
    400N2MT02Unsupported source languageThis is an unsupported source language.
    400N2MT03target parameter is neededThe target parameter is required.
    400N2MT04Unsupported target languageThis is an unsupported target language.
    400N2MT05source and target must be differentSource and target languages are the same
    400N2MT06There is no source-to-target translatorNo source-to-target translator
    400N2MT07text parameter is neededText parameter required
    400N2MT08text parameter exceeds max lengthThe text parameter exceeds the maximum capacity.
    400N2MT09language detection failedLanguage detection failed
    400N2MT10invalid glossary keyInvalid glossary key
    500N2MT99Internal server errorsInternal server error

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