GeoLocation Overview
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GeoLocation Overview

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GeoLocation is the only service in Korea, which offers location information based on users' IP addresses. With this service, you can personalize content based on user location, deliver targeted advertising, analyze traffic, manage DRM and detect abuse and fraud. The GeoLocation is NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM’s API service, which searches the GeoLocation DB for the location information of a specific IP address and provides it to the customer server. The location information contains a country, an administrative district (si/gun/gu, and dong), coordinates of nearby areas and a network operator based on the IP address. Location information of each IP address is frequently renewed every day, to reflect the latest information. NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM’s GeoLocation API is RESTful, using the HTTP GET method.

Common information


Request Header

Header Description
x-ncp-apigw-timestamp It is the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC. If the time difference with the API Gateway server is more than 5 minutes, the request is considered invalid.
x-ncp-iam-access-key Access Key ID issued from the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM portal.
x-ncp-iam-access-key:{Sub Account Access Key}
x-ncp-apigw-signature-v2 Signature encrypted with your Access Key ID and Secret Key.
x-ncp-apigw-signature-v2:{API Gateway Signature}

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