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    Post Action

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    Activates an action.


    Request URL

    POST {CLOUD_FUNCTIONS_API_URL}/packages/{packageName}/actions/{actionName}
    x-ncp-apigw-timestamp: {Timestamp}
    x-ncp-iam-access-key: {Sub Account Access Key}
    x-ncp-apigw-signature-v2: {API Gateway Signature}

    Path Variables

    ParametersRequirement statusTypeDescription
    packageNameYesstring- Package name
    When executing an action that does not belong to a package, enter - in the packageName
    actionNameYesstringAction name

    Request parameters

    Parameter nameRequirement statusTypeRestrictionsDescription
    timeoutNointMAX 60000Set the timeout of http call in ms
    If the action execution does not end by the timeout,
    the action continues to run independently from the http call,
    and only activationId can be checked in the http response
    The default value is 60,000 ms

    Request bodies

    You can forward action's runtime parameters in JSON format.

        "name": "Kim",
        "age": 1,


    Response bodies

        "content": {
            "activationId": "string",
            "duration": "number",
            "start": "timestamp",
            "end": "timestamp",
            "name": "string",
            "namespace": "string",
            "response": {
                "result": {
                "status": "string",
                "success": "boolean"
            "subject": "string"
    content.activationIdstringActivation ID of the action
    content.durationintExecution time
    content.starttimestampTime when activation has started
    content.endtimestampTime when action activation has ended
    content.namestringAction name
    content.namespacestringNamespace of the user
    content.responseobjectAction activation result information
    content.response.resultobjectAction execution result
    content.response.statusstringAction status
    content.response.successbooleanAction activation success status
    content.subjectstringInformation on the user who executed the action

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