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    Article Summary

    Available in VPC

    Searches for Object Storage bucket list that can be used in Cloud Hadoop Notebook.


    Request Parameters

    Parameter nameRequirement statusTypeRestrictionsDescription
    regionCodeNoStringRegion code
    - Can be obtained through the getRegionList action
    - Default: select the first Region of the getRegionList query results
    responseFormatTypeNoStringFormat type of the response result
    - Options: xml | json
    - Default: xml

    Request headers

    See Cloud Hadoop(VPC) overview.

    Request bodies

      "regionCode": "string",
      "responseFormatType": "string"


    Response bodies


    See Cloud Hadoop(VPC) overview.


    Request Examples

    GET {API_URL}/getCloudHadoopNotebookBucketList

    Response examples

      "getCloudHadoopNotebookBucketListResponse": {
        "totalRows": 1,
        "cloudHadoopNotebookBucketList": [
            "bucketName": "testhadoop"
        "requestId": "e451de52-8f25-416d-b6a5-2581a648018b",
        "returnCode": "0",
        "returnMessage": "success"

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