Creating STS
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    Creating STS

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    Create Secure Token Service for a sub account.


    POST /credentials
    Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
    x-ncp-apigw-timestamp: {Timestamp}
    x-ncp-iam-access-key: {Sub Account Access Key or STS Access Key}`
    x-ncp-apigw-signature-v2: {API Gateway Signature}

    API Header

    Content-TypeSpecifies the request body content type as application/json (POST)
    x-ncp-apigw-timestampDisplays the elapsed time in milliseconds since 00:00:00 January 1, 1970 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
    If the time differs from that of the API Gateway server by 5 minutes or more, then the request is considered invalid
    x-ncp-iam-access-keySubAccount Access Key issued in or STS accessKey created in the IAM console
    x-ncp-iam-access-key:{Sub Account Access Key or STS Access Key}
    x-ncp-apigw-signature-v2Signature encrypted with access key ID value and secret key
    x-ncp-apigw-signature-v2:{API Gateway Signature}

    For how to create an authentication key or signature for NAVER Cloud Platform, see Ncloud API.


    	"durationSec": "integer",
    	"serialNumber": "string",
    	"tokenCode": "integer"
    durationSecNinteger- accessKey duration (sec)
    default: 3600
    min: 600
    max: 43200
    serialNumberNstringOTP device's NRN or serial number
    tokenCodeNintegerOTP verification code

    You can view MFA serialNumber in My Page > Manage account > Manage secondary authentication on the portal.


    • Responses
    	"accessKey": "string",
    	"keySecret": "string",
    	"createTime": "string",
    	"expireTime": "string",
    	"useMfa": "boolean"
    createTimestringCreation date
    expireTimestringExpiration date
    useMfabooleanMFA authentication status


    Errors that may occur while using this action are listed below.
    For more information about common errors, see NAVER Cloud Platform API.

    HTTP status codeError codeError message
    400400durationSec can be used only in the following scope
    valid range: 600 - 43200 : [durationSec]
    401401MultiFactorAuthentication failed with invalid MFA one time pass code

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