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    Uploads an object and creates metadata.
    It overwrites the existing object and updates the existing metadata.


    PUT /v1/AUTH_{project_id}/{container}/{object}


    project_idpathstringProject ID
    containerpathstringContainer (bucket) name
    objectpathstringObject name
    multipart-manifest (Optional)querystringIf multipart-manifest=put, the object is considered a large object (SLO) manifest. The request body must contain the manifest.
    temp_url_sigquerystringTemporary URL
    temp_url_expiresqueryintegerTemporary URL
    X-Object-Manifest (Optional)headerstringLarge object (DLO) manifest in the form of {container}/{prefix}.
    X-Auth-Token (Optional)headerstringToken
    Content-Length (Optional)headerintegerLength of the object. You don’t need to specify this header if Transfer-Encoding is chunked transfer encoding.
    Transfer-Encoding (Optional)headerstringSet this header to chunked transfer encoding. If it is set, do not set the Content-Length header to a value other than 0.
    Content-Type (Optional)headerstringMIME type of the object
    X-Detect-Content-Type (Optional)headerbooleanIf it is true, Content-Type is determined based on the file extension. This header has priority over Content-Type.
    X-Copy-From (Optional)headerstringCopies an object. The value of this header is {container}/{object}. It can be combined with the Range header.
    X-Copy-From-Account (Optional)headerstringCopies an object to another account.
    ETag (Optional)headerstringETag header value
    Content-Disposition (Optional)headerstringRedefines browser behaviors.
    Content-Encoding (Optional)headerstringEncoding type of the object
    X-Delete-At (Optional)headerintegerThe time at which to delete the object [Folder objects cannot be deleted] (in Unix Epoch timestamp)
    X-Delete-After (Optional)headerintegerThe time after which to delete the object [Folder objects cannot be deleted] (in seconds)
    X-Object-Meta-name (Optional)headerstringMetadata of the object. The name part in the header name functions as a key of the metadata. You can add, update and delete metadata; leave this header empty to delete metadata.
    If-None-Match (Optional)headerstringETag conditional header. For more information, refer to RFC2616


    Content-LengthheaderstringLength of the response result. (in bytes)
    ETagheaderstringETag header value
    X-Trans-IdheaderstringTransaction ID of the request
    X-Openstack-Request-IdheaderstringTransaction ID of the request (same as X-Trans-Id)
    DateheaderstringResponse time of the request (in UTC)
    Content-TypeheaderstringMIME type of the response result
    last-modifiedheaderstringThe latest time when the object was updated (in UTC)


    Request example

    curl -i -X PUT -H "X-Auth-Token: $token" -T "/FILE_PATH/OBJECT" https://kr.archive.ncloudstorage.com/v1/AUTH_{project_id}/{container}/{object}

    Response example

    HTTP/1.1 201 Created
    Last-Modified: Mon, 17 Sep 2018 07:36:47 GMT
    Content-Length: 0
    Etag: 95444a08aec383972a52eaaac43e6dce
    Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
    X-Trans-Id: txe5ad93db05334b1cb44d2-005b9f598e
    X-Openstack-Request-Id: txe5ad93db05334b1cb44d2-005b9f598e
    Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2018 07:36:46 GMT

    It returns Created (201) status code if successful, and Request Timeout (408) status code if timed out.

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