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    Article Summary

    Can be used in a VPC environment.


    Get the access control rule list set in the NAS volume.


    Request parameter

    Parameter nameRequirement statusTypeRestrictionsDescription
    regionCodeNoString- Region code
    Determines the region of the NAS volume instance to get the access control rule for.
    You can obtain regionCode through the getRegionList action.
    Default: Selects the first region of the getRegionList search results.
    nasVolumeInstanceNoYesString- NAS volume instance number
    You can obtain nasVolumeInstanceNo through the getNasVolumeInstanceList action.
    responseFormatTypeNoString- Format type of the response result
    Options: xml | json
    Default: xml


    Response body


    Request examples

    GET {API_URL}/vnas/v2/getNasVolumeAccessControlRuleList

    Response examples


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