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Create an Event Rule without creating Monitor Group, Metric Group


private String prodKey;
private String groupName;
private String groupDesc;
private MonitorGrpDto monitorGroup;
private CreateOrUpdateMetricsGrpDto metricsGroup;
private List<RecipientNotification> recipientNotifications;
private List<AsgPolicy> asgPolicys;
private Set<String> cfTriggers;


Field Required Type Limitations Description
prodKey Y String Product's cw_key
groupName Y String min = 1, max = 100 Event Rule Name
groupDesc N String max = 300 Event Rule Description
monitorGroup Y MonitorGrpDto Set Monitor Group
metricsGroup Y CreateOrUpdateMetricsGrpDto Set Metric Group
recipientNotifications N List<RecipientNotification> Recipient Notification Group, Multiple entries can be entered
asgPolicys N List<AsgPolicy> Auto Scaling Group Policy, Multiple entries can be entered
cfTriggers N Set<String> It will be provided later

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