Web Security Checker Overview
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    Web Security Checker Overview

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    Web Security Checker API is provided in a RESTful format. To call the provided API, a Sub Account and an Access Key are required.

    Common Setting


    ServiceAPIMethodRequest URI
    Web Security CheckergetJobsGEThttps://wsc.apigw.ntruss.com/api/v1/jobs
    Web Security CheckersearchJobsPOSThttps://wsc.apigw.ntruss.com/api/v1/jobs/search
    Web Security CheckercancelJobPATCHhttps://wsc.apigw.ntruss.com/api/v1/jobs/{instanceId}/cancel
    Web Security CheckerstopJobPATCHhttps://wsc.apigw.ntruss.com/api/v1/jobs/{instanceId}/stop
    Web Security CheckergetReportGEThttps://wsc.apigw.ntruss.com/api/v1/jobs/report
    Web Security CheckercreateJobPUThttps://wsc.apigw.ntruss.com/api/v1/job

    Request Headers

    The following table lists the request headers for IAM authentication.

    x-ncp-apigw-timestampThe number of milliseconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC.
    If the time differs from that of the API Gateway server by 5 minutes or more, then the request is considered invalid.
    x-ncp-iam-access-keyAccess Key issued by IAM from NAVER Cloud Platform.
    x-ncp-apigw-signature-v2This is the signature used to encrypt the request directory and the header with the SecretKey that maps with the AccessKey.
    The HMAC encryption algorithm is HmacSHA256.

    Common Errors

    HTTP Response CodeErrorCodeErrorMessage
    400100Bad Request Exception
    401200Authentication Failed
    401210Permission Denied
    404300Not Found Exception
    429400Quota Exceeded
    429410Throttle Limited
    429420Rate Limited
    413430Request Entity Too Large
    503500Endpoint Error
    504510Endpoint Timeout
    500900Unexpected Error

    Service Errors

    HTTP Response CodeerrorCodemessageDescription
    200901API Call FailThe service is temporarily unavailable. If this failure persists, contact our Help Center.
    200169201Auth Check ErrorYou don't have the permission.
    200169202User Check ErrorUser account information check failed. Please contact customer service for verification.
    200160331ActionURL Check ErrorPlease enter http or https in the Action URL.
    200160332Param Check ErrorInput value includes invalid character(s). Special characters can't be used as ID param / PW param values.
    200160351Login_Check_FailAn error has occurred during the login process. Please try again after checking your login information, or enter the cookie directly.
    200160353URL Connection ErrorConnection to the entered Action URL failed
    200160431Param Check ErrorInput value includes invalid character(s).
    200160432Param Check NullInput value(s) missing
    200160433Param Value Not DefineUndefined input value(s) entered
    200160441DB Execute Query ErrorAn error occurred while registering a scanning task. Please try again later.
    200160451Assets_Check_FailThis NAVER Cloud Platform server does not belong to you. You can only diagnose the NAVER Cloud Platform assets you own.
    200160452Queue_FullThe schedule you selected is full. Please choose a different schedule.
    200160453Already_ExistsYou can't run simultaneous vulnerability diagnostic tasks on a single target. The selected target is currently pending for diagnosis. Please check the "Scan Status / Results" menu at the top of the page.
    200160454TooMany_InsertThere are too many tasks in the pending list. Please perform a scan before adding a task.
    200160455ReScan Create failedThe conditions for re-diagnosis have not been met. The target must have the same domain and IP as the first diagnosis. Re-diagnosis can only be performed up to 3 times within 60 days from the completion of the first diagnosis.
    200160456Managed Service agree chk failedManaged external web server's diagnosis agreement information can't be found. You must agree to the service.
    200160457Managed Service file chk failedFile check for managed external web server diagnosis failed. Please proceed with Item Number 2 in the managed external web server diagnosis pop-up window.
    200160701Open period expiredDiagnosis result reports are accessible for up to 1 year.
    200160842DB Matcing Data 0There are no tasks to cancel. Batch cancellation can only be performed on scheduled or pending tasks.
    200165244DB Data Record CNT Not MatchingThe requested intacneNo list does not match the DB access record number.

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